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Chapter One

The First Chapter Project.
A novel of unfinished novels
by copywriters everywhere.

Chapter One

What is The First Chapter Project?

It's a collection of first chapters from copywriters all over the world. You submit them. We compile them into a book.

Why are you doing this?

Ever hear the cliché that every copywriter wants to be more than a copywriter? That we all have a work-in-progress novel collecting dust on our hard drives? We did too. And decided it’s time they saw the light of day.

If you sell the book, where does the money go?

All proceeds will go to a Miami Ad School scholarship fund to help make other wannabe novelist’s copywriting dreams come true.

How do I submit my chapter?

Send your first chapter to

Is this for real?

Is anything in advertising real? Aside from this. This is real.

How does it work?

Think of it as a Kickstarter campaign. But instead of asking for money, we’re asking for the first chapter of your unfinished book.

Does my chapter have to be good?


Can I submit my chapter anonymously?

If you don’t want to share your name, just tell us your agency.
For example: Chapter 1 by a copywriter at BBDO New York.

Will my name be published next to Gerry Graf, Susan Credle or David Droga?

Great question. Let’s ask them.

Can I change my LinkedIn to published author?

Yes. Yes, you can.

If I submit a chapter, do I get credit in the award shows?

Of course. The slashy is alive and well.

The book is called Chapter One but the URL is First Chapter Project. Why? was $50,000. We work in advertising, not oil.

What if I have more than one chapter?

See: The Second Chapter Project. Coming July 2025.